A Brighter Future

Ascend Parent Advisors on the power of building social capital

2023 was a milestone year for Ascend Parent Advisors – a diverse group of more than 130 leaders, students, and dreamers who have partnered with Ascend over the last 12 years. We have a longstanding commitment to uplifting the lived expertise of Parent Advisors, and ensuring that their recommendations shape Ascend’s work.

In 2023, our Parent Advisors met with policymakers from across the country, led Ascend’s Parent-Powered Solutions Fund participatory grantmaking process, and gathered in Aspen, Colorado for our inaugural Ascend Parent Advisor Convening – an opportunity to see the power of their leadership community in one place and unlock social capital to advance intergenerational family prosperity and well-being.

This video series looks at how Ascend Parent Advisors have leveraged their relationships with Ascend to build social capital – the “secret sauce” of the 2Gen approach.