Empowered by Art

Behind the scenes of an inspiring artistic collaboration at Aspen VisionXChange

Ascend has always focused on the power of what we can do together, and harnessed that power of co-creation at Aspen VisionXChange, giving new resonance to the idea of “out of many, one.” With guidance from Colorado-based artist Bimmer Torres, who specializes in graffiti art, each VisionXChange attendee had the opportunity to grab a can of spray paint and incorporate their creativity, energy, and spirit into what became an indelible piece of art. 

From notes of love to symbols of power, Bimmer built on the Fellows’ initial contributions over the three days to create the inspiring mural.

“It revolves around community, bringing everybody's ideas to the table, and seeing how we can come up with an image out of all those ideas.”

– Bimmer Torres